Custom Hirota Dogi from Japan


We offer the full range of Hirota Dogi Direct from Hirota in Japan. In Japan Hirota has established a reputation for excellent quality products and the fastest and best service. Many people are already familiar with these premier karate-gi, those who are not will see that the quality speaks for itself.

They can readily be seen in any dojo in Japan and worn by the world’s top traditional and sports karate-ka. They are also entrusted with making tailormade dogi for the world’s leading Japanese karate masters and the national team. The dogi are generously cut and full professional tailoring is available to make your perfect dogi.

We offer a fully tailored Dogi with a choice of cotton including Pinac and Kuu, The Dogi can also be embroidered with your name in katakana with a choice of label.

Please contact us directly on 01603 418751 or [email protected] to discuss your needs.

Price of the Dogi will depend on size, material and any embroidering required.