Blitz White Diamond Gi (14 oz) (No Belt)


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Our Deluxe White Diamond Gi is perfect for advanced students and instructors. This world renowned suit is made from the finest white 14oz 100% smooth woven cotton canvas and is a global seller. The long Japanese cut jacket stops riding up and comes complete with a pair of kata trousers (Japanese cut) which have a tie waist.

Sizing Advice

The size of the Gi is based upon the height of the student. We would recommend measuring the student in centimetres. Then order the size closest to their height.

For Example

Student Height = 140 cm, 141 cm, 142 cm, 143 cm or 144 cm order a 140 cm Gi

Student Height = 145 cm, 146 cm, 147 cm, 148 cm or 149 cm order a 150 cm Gi

Gi Size

140cm, 145cm, 150cm, 155cm, 160cm, 165cm, 170cm, 175cm, 180cm, 185cm, 190cm, 195cm